X  L  T    (X-Press Lift Tool )


Yes, the I-Beam TED Kit has all the parts needed for quick installation on a trailer. It uses the I-Beam cross members of the trailer to attach to the trailer. Clamps provided, specifically made for I-Beams, make it easy and quick.
Safety is paramount in any task we, as humans, undertake. To accomplish the task of raising and lowering trailers via the landing gear, torque and power is often needed. The drill will physically attempt to spin the instant a significant amount of torque is needed. That can result in injuries unchecked - THUS THE CONCERN !
TED is short for "Torque Elimination Device" and is made to prevent injuries to the user when torque is needed. In the base package a TED strap (a pair are supplied in the base kit) is attached to each handle of the drill. These are then extended to the ground and the operator stands in them after snugging up the straps to prevent excessive movement of the drill. This is the simple and free TED but is not the Fleet Installation product.
Both the drill and trailer require a TED. The trailer uses the I-Beam TED Kit which is attached to the I-Beams of the trailer after the crank handle is removed. A latch pin replaces the bolt which attached the handle. The crank handle is then either attached to the kit's handle hangar, placed in the cab of the tractor or attached via another means to the trailer. Fully operational and 100% safe after proper installation.
Some older trailers may not be able to use the I-Beam TED kit. There are other TEDs made for them that accomplish the same task. There is also a different TED Drill product that requires no TED product attached to the trailer that is available and primarily used by independent operators which accomplishes the same purpose.
L2 Trucking Products Inc has been incorporated in Arkansas since 2010. It is a corporation that addresses inefficiencies in the large trucking industry by designing and manufacturing products to better trucking. HQ and warehouse is in England, Ark.
X-Press Truck Tools is the primary division of L2 Trucking Products Inc. Under this division there is both the XLT (X-Press Lift Tool) and the XCT (X-Press Converter Tool). The latter product addresses the problems with converter dollies (sometimes referenced as converter gear) which are used when dealing with double or triple trailers. See more information on the XCT product at https://xpressconvertertool.com
The XLT is also used in conjunction with Grain Hopper Trailers and can be used with the smaller gooseneck, utility and dump trailers that have handles detachable. For Grain use a special coupler has been designed to both open/close the grain hopper doors and to handle the landing gear.
The three major components: drill, battery, charger are warranted for 1 year. We have a pretty much - no questions asked - warranty. That means as long as the equipment has not been run over, water immersed, mutiliated ... we will supply a replacement.