L2 Trucking Products is the corporate entity with headquarters in England, Arkansas (east of Little Rock @ 30 miles). It has been incorporated since 2010 and has one division (X-Press Truck Tools) with two large truck products patented and marketed under the X-Press logos.

X-Press Truck Tools

X  L  T    (X-Press Lift Tool )

X-Press Lift Tool is the product line which addresses raising and lowering trailers along with opening and closing grain hopper doors.  The XLT system is patented and using a high-torque specially designed drill will raise/lower a trailer in mere seconds.

The handle on the trailer is removed and a latch pin is inserted into the trailer leg shaft.  This allows for the specially designed quick connect coupler, to attach to the trailer leg shaft and rotate it – replacing all manual work effort and eliminates arm, back and shoulder strains.

The additional XLT product line consists of tools necessary to provide a safe way to use the drill which are Torque Elimination Devices (TEDs).  An enormous amount of torque can be generated during drill use – especially when raising the trailer and TEDs were designed to pass that torque onto the trailer – not the driver.  Safety is imperative in any business and even more so in trucking due to the capacity of an injury to sideline a person for an extended amount of time.  The TED will eliminate that concern by firmly controlling the drill during use.  The TED is very simple to use and installation fleet-wide is the preferred method.  It can be used straight out of the box with TED straps for both independent truckers and firms hauling other firms trailers thus allowing for use without fleet installation requirements.

The savings in time is obvious when the landing gear can be raised or lowered in less than 15 seconds.  The other savings are just important: no more injuries, elimination of the manual work effort thus providing for a more rested driver, inclement weather conditions, dragging the landing gear along with protecting the trailer from being pierced by the tractor’s 5th wheel when connecting.

Fleet installation is customized per trailer model/type.  A simple 5-10 minute installation of the TED trailer bar or I-Beam connector eliminates any concern on fleet installation. 

Go directly to the XLT web site below or contact us directly to answer any questions you might have.

X  C  T    (X-Press Converter Tool)

The sister product is the X-Press Converter Tool.  It was patented in 2011 and is used to eliminate the problem of connecting double and triple trailers.


No staging of the dolly is required.  It is only maneuvered and picked up once and this allows for 2 pups to be connected in 7 minutes, easily beating the 15-20 minutes as is typical for a well practiced professional.  Two full trailers typically take 2 men and 40+ minutes – the XCT does it in 10 minutes utilizing only one person.


Go directly to the XCT website via the link below to see all information and videos about this revolutionary product.


GooseNeck, Dump and Utility Trailers Use the Same Trailer Kit

As you see above, no information is given relative to the new markets that the XLT Drill Kit now addresses.  Those are the GooseNeck, Dump and Utility Trailers due to their use of jacks with removable handles.  That is due to very similar task and equipment needs exist between the two trailer configurations.

All the same capabilities, safety enhancements and speed exist as identified above relative to tractor/trailer use.  The biggest change is very simple TEDs have been designed to ensure the torque is controlled to eliminate any potential for an injury.

Ensure injuries in dealing with the “other” trailers are eliminated by using the XLT Drill System.