No More Cranking Trailers UP/DOWN

The high-powered, high-torque battery powered drill shown here resolves the age old task of raising and lowering trailers. The XLT system reduces the landing gear task to 10-15 seconds. This allows you to get your goods delivered quicker and safer due to the elimination of the manually cranking going on now.


Grain Hopper Doors

The XLT Drill will easily open and close those hopper doors. That will increase the turn arounds on unloading grain along with ensuring no one is injured battling with the doors.

Due to the torque generated there is also a GRAIN TED created specifically to ensure the XLT does not twist and injure the user – guaranteeing safety.

Landing gear is handled easily  as well.


Goose neck, dump trailers and any trailers using jacks with similar handles can use the XLT Drill system.

Standard tractor/trailer use: full trailers or pups operate exactly the same.  A handle is used to raise or lower the trailer.  The XLT System requires the handle to be removed and a coupler will lock onto the landing gear crank shaft using our latch pin and do all the work for you. No arm or shoulder strains here! SSQ – Seamless, safe, quick. Other trailers: goose neck, dump trailers, … can use the XLT System.  After removing the handle the shaft is round or square with a pin through it. Various TEDs exist as well to ensure safety in use.
Grain trailer use: Opening and closing the hopper doors can be time consuming and difficult, especially when the hopper is loaded.  Special grain coupler attaches to the hopper door shaft and easily opens/closes the hopper doors.

The XLT Drill also attaches to the trailer landing gear shaft to connect / disconnect the trailer. That task is now made simpler and safer with the XLT Drill.

XLT Product Components - Trailer Use

  • DRILL KIT  –    high powered drill, lithium-ion battery (4AH or 5AH), battery charger, tool bag  (pic)
  • COUPLER  –    specially designed quick connect retained on the drill (pic)
  • LATCH PIN  –  pin inserted into the trailer leg shaft used with the above quick connect coupler (pic)
  • TED  –  following are Torque Elimination Devices that must be used to ensure safe use of the XLT drill due to high torque required
  •     STRAPS          –      straps used to eliminate torque during fleet installation of TED trailer plate or permanently if desired (pic)
  •     DRILL PLATE –      plate permanently attached to drill with rods extending which insert into trailer bar to prevent torque (pic)
  •     TRAILER BAR –     component permanently attached to trailer around the trailer leg shaft with holes for TED Drill Plate use (pic1) (pic2) (pic3)

XLT Product Components - Grain Trailer Use

  • DRILL KIT  –    high powered drill, lithium-ion battery (4AH or 5AH), battery charger, tool bag (pic)
  • COUPLER  –    specially designed and retained on the drill, easily removable insert for trailers not using the 6-point hopper shaft nut (pic)
  • TED STRAPS  –  base Torque Elimination Device that must be used to ensure safe use of the XLT drill due to high torque required (pic)
  • GRAIN TED  –    portable and adjustable device that user’s weight prevents torque transmittal to guarantee safe use (pic1) (pic2)

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