X  L  T    (X-Press Lift Tool )

Landing Gear Cranking GONE!

The XLT Drill System eliminates the landing gear cranking.  Portable drill with connectors on the drill and the trailer eliminate all torque.  A 5 minute install per trailer is all it takes for a fleet.  The 15 seconds of landing gear work now required with the XLT Drill provides for a better rested driver and goods getting to their final destination sooner and safer.

Drill ready to go

XLT Drill Ready For Use

XLT Kit Contents

I-Beam Trailer TED

Did you know?

A shuttle driver making 2 trips a night with pups will operate the landing gear at least 16 times a night.

Many companies require dropping trailers at the dock to prevent fork lift accidents. XLT makes it quick & safe.

Why the X-Press Lift Tool ?

Call an XLT System specialist @ 214-884-8258 to answer questions or to get install started or

 WHAT?  The X-Press Lift Tool is the product which eliminates the manual cranking of landing gear.  Patented, high-torque specially designed drill to raise/lower a trailer in mere seconds SAFELY.
 TORQUE? XLT needs power to raise a trailer and torque is a by product.  To ensure 100% safe use, TEDs (Torque Elimination Devices) have been designed.  One attached to the drill and one on the trailer interlock to eliminate all the torque.  While not required, the use of TEDs guarantee a quick and safe environment.
 SAVINGS? The savings in time is obvious when the landing gear task is now less than 15 seconds.  Other savings are just as important: no more injuries, better rested driver, time in inclement weather reduced, reduction of landing gear maintenance.
 INSTALLATION? Fleet installation is a simple 5-10 minute installation per trailer using the TED I-Beam product.  Drill is ready to use after the li-ion battery is fully charged.
 ROI? At a cost of less than $500 a kit, a one year warranty, 20-50 uses of drill on one battery, ROI is calculated to be 1-2 months.
 HOW? The handle on the trailer is removed and a latch pin is inserted into the landing gear shaft.  This allows for the specially designed quick connect coupler, to attach to the shaft and rotate it.  That replaces all manual work and safely eliminates arm, back and shoulder strains (and time). Handle is then connected to the trailer using the Ted I-Beam hangar or placed in the cab to be used as a backup.