TED Trailer I-Beam Plate


Quick install TED Trailer Plate kit. Uses the I-Beam configuration on trailer to quickly mount onto trailer to eliminate torque and provide safe use.  The XLT Drill must have a TED Drill Plate to utilize this component. Optional handle hangar is available in kit.

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Quick to install on a trailer and used to accomplish a fleet wide install typically.  All the components needed to attach the TED safety device onto a trailer to ensure 100% safe use of the XLT Drill.  This is the full kit allowing for a minute install onto a trailer.  The kit will consist of the trailer plate that wraps around the landing gear shaft, pair of clamps for the I-Beam quick install, 2 support braces connecting the plate to the clamps, and handle hangar strap if option selected.  All nuts/bolts are included in the kit.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Hangar for handle



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